” Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true Education”

Martin Luther King Jr.



physics iscience faculty
  • Prof. KP Singh Qualification: Ph.D.
    Exp: 15 yrs
  • Prof. Ravi Yadav Qualification: B.Tech MBA
    Exp: 17 yrs
  • Prof. Atul Pednekar Qualification: M.Sc.
    Exp: 8 yrs
  • Prof. Ronak Jadhav Qualification: B.Tech


iscience faculty chemistry
  • Prof. Vijay Jadhav
    Qualification: M.Sc. (Chemistry), B.Ed
    Exp: 14 yrs
  • Prof. Bhushan Nazir
    Qualification: M.Sc., PhD
    Exp: 22 yrs


iscience faculty maths
  • Prof. Satish Ghadge Qualification: IIT Madras
  • Prof. Ashish Patankar
    Qualification: M.Sc. (Maths)
    Exp: 13 yrs
  • Prof. Ashok Kadam
    Qualification: M.Sc. (Maths)
    Exp: 20 yrs
  • Prof. Satish Herale
    Qualification: M.Sc.
    Exp: 20 yrs
  • Prof. Madhur Salvi
    Qualification: B.E. (I.T.)
    Exp: 5 yrs


iscience bio faculty
  • Prof. Pushkraj Shetty
    Qualification: M.Sc. NET
    Exp: 16 yrs
  • Prof. Gorakh Pandhare
    Qualification: M.Sc.
    Exp: 24 yrs
  • Prof. Titiksha Laul Qualification: (M.Sc ,NET)


A sculptor precisely curves a stone and molds it into a priceless sculpture. Similarly, a teacher is responsible to carve out the hidden potential in his students using the tool – Education. Our faculty are specialists in their respective domain. Our faculty also equip students with the necessary skills required a question paper perfectly.

iscience nonteaching staff